These are the pricing guidelines that we will use for each and every race, unless something else were to arise that has not presented itself before.

RFID Timing Services (£250) – If you have less than 175 registered participants you will pay a total of £250 with £75 of that due the day you hire us to time your event. This £75 is a non-refundable deposit that will ensure we hold the date for you. If you have more than 175 registered participants the fee is calculated as £1.50 per registered participant.

Travel Fee (£0.45) – This is calculated at £0.45 per mile, one way

Hotel – If your race has pre-registration pick up on the night before the race, we will probably have to get a hotel in your area unless it is within a reasonable driving distance from Cardiff; and/or your race is early enough in the morning and far enough away that it would require us waking up at an unreasonable time, it would probably be more efficient for us to get a hotel. We will endeavour to find the cheapest option, we are happy to take on board any suggestions/recommendations you may have.  

Non-Standard race fee (additional £175) – this is for events that require quite a bit more work than the standard 5K, 10K or ½ marathon events. For example, if your event will last longer than 6 hours (start of race to last finisher) or if you need us to time two or more events on the same day.

Here is what we can and will do for you, at no additional charge.

1.       Bibs, RFID tags, etc. – We can supply the bibs for your event, and we do this at no extra cost to you (these will be a standard number with the CRe Race Timing logo featured on them), however if you have custom bibs then that is fine too. The RFID tags we use are very inexpensive so we will not be waiting for the finishers with wire cutters in our hands. We do ask that the participants return the RFID tags (they can keep their bibs) before they leave the event, however if people forget to return them we do not charge them (or you) anything extra .

The RFID tags are paper thin and simply slide down the participants shoe lace. So putting them on and taking them off is very easy. If someone does not have shoe laces on their shoes or the ground is likely to get very muddy we can easily just pin the tag to the side of their shorts.

With our system you can have a finish line as wide as 6 metres, there are no timing mats but there will be covered wires that the participants run over. We do not supply an archway for them to run under, but of course if you have your own archway then you’re free to use it, however our antennas sit off to the side and provide several read zones (each achieving 99+% read rates) that the runners will pass through before exiting the finish line. With this setup we consistently achieve 100% read rates!

2.       Mass emailing – Our software can easily send out any announcements you want to make before or after the race. We will send an email out to every participant after the race to thank them for attending and to show them where they can find the results.

3.       Results on demand – At any time during the race we can press a single button and print off overall and age division results .

4.       Who’s on the course? – With the software we can easily tell you who is left on the course. So if you don’t have a tail/sweep vehicle we can tell you which individuals are left on the course as the race draws to a close.

5.       Race Pack pickup (day before and/or on race day) – We will operate both the pre-registration table and the race day registration table. This is a part of our overall process so we can enter in any race day registrants, or make any changes to the race list while the participants pick up their numbers. Please note, this is where the need for volunteers comes in, as we will need help collecting money and handing out numbers.

What we expect from you:

1.       At least 6 volunteers that will show up 30 minutes prior to the start of registration for training on how the registration process and finish line will flow. These volunteers will help with registration and then move to the finish line after the race starts. The volunteers are expected to be able bodied, friendly, and mentally competent to handle the fast paced environment at the finish line.

2.       Do not start the race until I have confirmed that I am ready for you to start the race.

3.       If you will have any non-timed events (for example a 1 mile fun run/walk) then this event is to start either before or after the race – there should be no overlapping of the events because this will confuse the finish line crew.

4.       Registration will end no later than 30 minutes before the start of the race .

5.       You are to provide us with the participant’s information in Excel as soon as online registration closes – no later than 5pm the day before the race. This Excel document should include a minimum of: Name, DoB (or age on the day), Sex, Athlete Type (runner, walker, other) and an email address. We can provide you with a blank copy.

6.       You will make the following announcements :

1)      To avoid confusion please do not run through the finish line more than once and if you did not register for the race, do not come near the finish line.

2)      Bib Numbers should be on the front of your outermost layer of clothing and visible well before reaching the finish line.

3)      Please return the shoe tags before leaving today’s race. There will be a container near the finish line where you can return them.

4)       Do not bother the finish line crew about wanting to see your time. They will periodically print results and post them for you to view 

7.       Payment is expected on race day. If for some reason payment cannot be made on race day, payment is to be made within 14 days of the race following prior agreement.